Shen Yun

Shen Yun

From: Feb 8 2019

A Lost Civilisation – Revived

Shen Yun has been around for only a decade, but these days, wherever it goes theatres are packed. Some people fly from other countries or drive hundreds of kilometres to see it. Others see the same performance five or six times. Why is that? Many say there are no words to describe it – you have to see it with your own eyes.

Shen Yun presents on stage the ideals of loyalty, humility, compassion and tolerance – all that is beautiful and good – in a masterful and moving theatrical experience. The performance’s positive energy brings joy to millions around the world. The very essence of a lost civilisation is now being revived.

You cannot see the genuine Chinese culture that Shen Yun presents anywhere else, not even in China. After decades of persecution under communist rule, traditional culture has been almost completely destroyed there. But in 2006, a group of elite Chinese artists – some who escaped persecution themselves – came together in New York united by a mission: to revive traditional culture and share it with the world. Thriving in the environment of artistic freedom, they have brought this majestic culture back from the brink of extinction.

"One's expectations are blown out of the water.The Shen Yun dancers seem to defy gravity." – Australian Stage

"Entertainment of the highest order... An exemplary display of excellence." – Stage Whispers

"Exquisitely beautiful. An extraordinary experience for us and the children." – Cate Blanchett, Academy Award-winning actress

"Shen Yun demonstrates the highest realm in art and inspires the performing arts world." – Chi Cao, principal dancer of Birmingham Royal Ballet, star of Mao’s Last Dancer

"There is a massive power in this that can embrace the world.It brings great hope... It is truly a touch of heaven." – Daniel Herman, former Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic

Show duration: 2 hours 15 mins including 15 min interval