Body Electric Dance

Body Electric Dance

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Dec 15 2018


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Body Electric Dance
An evening of inspired dance performance.

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Operating in the spirit that ‘anyone can dance’ Body Electric Dance performances are a frenzy of pulse, rhythm and flair in which the dancers proudly present their show-stopping routines of finely tuned moves in extravagantly designed costumes.Choreographer and principal teacher Jade Duffy transforms the students into pirouetting, body rolling, jazz dancing extraordinaires. “We’re mainly a bunch of show- offs”, says one dancer in good–humour. 

What makes Body Electric so special is that you don’t have to be a professional dancer – anyone can participate.”With an all-encompassing philosophy of dance fun, the popularity of the Body Electric stems from its ability to captivate and embrace people’s desire and passion to move and express themselves like never before.the spirit that ‘anyone can dance’, each semester sees 9 troupes of dancers train hard and rehearse a choreographed routine that will be showcased at a public performance in front of an enthusiastic and demonstrative audience of family and friends.Body Electric Dance is structured into two semesters, with each resulting in a spectacular performance.